NordVPN is offering 2 years of VPN service for $111

This "Cyber Month" discount lasts until the end of the November.
  • Ian Paul (PC World)
  • 30 November, 2021 15:29

Back when I reviewed NordVPN, I found it was a very capable service at a good price, but I took issue with the fact that the founders were anonymous.

I still don’t like that, but nevertheless, it’s a good VPN that’s very easy to use—and right now you can sign up at a crazy price.

The company is offering two years of NordVPN for US$79 / AU$111. NordVPN typically charges US$143 per year, meaning you’re saving about 72 percent off the price. The offer stands for today only.  

The deal is advertised as $3.29 per month, but to get it you have to pay for the entire two years at once. NordVPN did verify that users who sign up with this deal get to keep it for as long as they remain active subscribers, though.

One of the highlights of NordVPN is that it gives access to Netflix outside of the U.S. There are a number of VPNs that claim the same feature, but none of them are available at $59 per year. Keep in mind that Netflix is actively trying to stifle this behaviour, so there could be up and down times for U.S. Netflix access from time to time.

NordVPN also has a number of specialized servers that some will find useful, such as dedicated TOR servers, P2P-friendly servers, and double VPN connections for extra protection.

Credit: NordVPN

Today’s deal: Two years of NordVPN service for $79. ]