IFA 2019: Sony are bringing that walkman you like back into style

Sony are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their first portable cassette player with a new limited model.

Show off at this year's IFA in Berlin, the new NW-A100TPS 40th Anniversary Walkman is a portable media player with a unique cassette tape-inspired user interface. It's even got a special screensaver that, when used in combination with the carry-case, lets it look just like a classic Sony Walkman. 

As for specs, the new NW-A100TPS 40th Anniversary Walkman has 16GB of storage, supports Hi-Res audio codecs and a "vinyl" processor that Sony say "brings the warmth and character of vinyl to your digital tracks." 

Sony say you'll get about 26 hours of playback per charge. 

The new NW-A100TPS isn't the only Walkman that Sony announced at IFA. They also launched the more affordable NW-A105B (priced at AU$499) and the high-end NW-ZX507B Walkman priced at (AU$1199).

Our take? Portable media players are not the mass market they used to be but this thing is adorable. It'd be great to see Sony do more stuff like this. It's like the NES Classic Mini of Walkmans.

In Australia, the Sony NW-A100TPS 40th Anniversary Walkman will be available from December 2019 for AU$599.00.

Disclosure - PC World Australia's coverage of this year's IFA in Berlin was sponsored by Lenovo who covered the costs of our flights and accommodation.