Google's next Chromecast Ultra may have a remote and smart TV UI

Rumors say that Google's next take on their popular media streaming accessory is set to differentiate itself from predecessors in a number of key ways.

As originally reported by 9to5Google, the new streaming hub will boast a similar dongle form-factor to previous Chromecast products but will come bundled with a TV-style remote.

This accessory is described as "a cross between the Daydream View remote and an Apple TV remote."

Reports also suggested the new Chromecast will feature 4K HDR playback and run a fully-featured version of Android TV. If accurate, the latter detail here is the more significant of the two - since it'll allow Chromecast users to access the full breadth of streaming services available on Android TV and make the experience much more of a standalone one.

Previous Chromecasts have been effective at bridging the media available on an Android phone or tablet and non-Smart TVs. However, until now, they've rarely tried to go beyond that offer the kind of customizable home theater experience that fare like the Apple TV or Nvidia Shield TV have.

With the recent cancellation of Google I/O, it's unclear when Google plan to unveil this new Chromecast, nor how much it'll cost when it does eventually launch. However, at this stage, it wouldn't be surprising to see it make its debut alongside the wallet-friendly Google Pixel 4a - which is expected to be announced in May.