HMD Global revive yet another classic Nokia handset

HMD are bringing another classic Nokia feature phone back to the market.

Announced alongside the new Nokia 8.3 5G, the new Nokia 5310 boasts a music-oriented design that incorporates dual front-facing speakers and a built-in wireless FM radio. It uses the same operating system as previous Nokia Original feature phones, which includes limited support for apps like Facebook and Twitter.

The back of the new Nokia 5310 also boasts a single-lens VGA camera with flash. This doesn't compare favorably to anything like the modern multi-lens hardware found on fare like the Galaxy S20 Ultra but it is, legally and technically speaking, a camera.

HMD say the new Nokia 5310 is good for 30 days of standby battery life at a time. However, the other specs here look a little more barebones. There's a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, 8MB of RAM and a MicroUSB port on the bottom-end. Critically, the device only touts 16MB of on-board storage - which isn't a huge amount of space when it comes to MP3 files.

At this stage, the Nokia 5310 does not have an Australian price or release date.