The roadtrip-ready Echo Auto finally comes to Australia

Amazon's first car-focused Echo smart speaker is now available for preorder in Australia.

Announced late last year, the Echo Auto is a smart speaker for your car. The pitch here as that you'll be able to call upon it to do all the things you can with a regular Echo speaker when you're on the move. 

The gadget itself is powered by either a USB connection or 12V in-vehicle power outlet and can also feed through to your car's radio through a 3.5mm audio cable or a Bluetooth connection. 

Echo AutoCredit: Amazon
Echo Auto

To help it compete with the noise of the engine in your car and other acoustic factors, Amazon have gone and equipped the Echo Auto with a custom-designed eight-microphone array. 

In Australia, the Echo Auto is available for preorder now at an RRP of AU$79. Amazon say that devices will ship on June 10 with the smart speaker arriving in Australian retailers around the same time.