Telstra talks big with new Wall-To-Wall Wi-Fi guarantee

If you're still having trouble with your home Wi-Fi setup, Telstra are betting that they know how to fix it.

As of this week, Telstra nbn customers who aren't finding their Smart Modem-based Wi-Fi connection lives up to the hype can purchase a second-generation Smart Wi-Fi Booster accessory with a "wall to wall Wi-Fi guarantee" for an extra $12/month. What's more, The telco say they're also game to throw in up to three additional Boosters at no extra cost if one doesn't quite solve your Wi-Fi woes.

If you're still having problems after that point, Telstra say they'll cancel any repayments on the Booster and throw in a one-month credit for the trouble.

The one requirement here is that you have to be using the second-generation Telstra Smart Modem somewhere in your home Wi-Fi setup, as the Smart Booster is designed to integrate with that. Fortunately, Telstra customers without the latest Smart Modem  be able to grab one for free when they add the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster to their account.

Telstra Connected Home & Business Executive Michele Garra says that “we’ve recently experienced how critical it is to have a fast and reliable internet connection in the whole house to help us work, study, be entertained and remain connected."

"From our research, we’ve found one in three broadband customers in Australia experience sub-optimal Wi-Fi performance. And in pilot customer trials of our new program, we didn’t find a Wi-Fi coverage problem we couldn’t solve with our Smart Modem and Smart Wi-Fi Booster combo,” Garra says.

Telstra’Smart Wi-Fi Booster is available to Telstra nbn broadband customers for $12/month over 24 months or $288 outright from this week.