Deal: Nab a Nest Wifi System for $100 less than you should

Thinking of setting up a mesh Wi-Fi system in your home and keen to go with Google's own Nest-branded hardware? Bing Lee's eBay store currently has a two-node system for a thrifty AU$299 rather than the usual AU$399.

The kit includes you need to set up a Nest-based home network: a Wi-Fi router that's intended to be wired into your modem/gateway or NBN connection plus a satellite node that boosts coverage into areas where the primary router has trouble reaching. 

In our review of the Google Nest Wi-Fi, we said that "If you’re got a household with way too many Wi-Fi enabled devices, Google’s latest foray into home networking is likely a natural fit that’ll make smart and easy Wi-Fi seem effortless. Whether it performs at a high enough level to sate the needs of gamers is another question entirely."

On top of the reduced price-tag, eBay Plus members also get free shipping on the mesh system. If you're unsure about the benefits or what to expect from mesh networking products like the Nest Wi-Fi, check out this explainer here.

You can take advantage of the deal while stocks last by clicking here.