The James Bond-like parking app for Aussie Porsche drivers

An app that lifts boom gates with one touch

Finding parking can be a little tricky sometimes. So anything that makes the experience easier for drivers is well worth the trouble, especially if those drivers are trying to park expensive sports cars. Now Porsche drivers in Australia will have a little easier time parking thanks to a new app that lets them find, park and pay for parking without having to leave their cars.

Developed by Australian digital parking platform UbiPark, the Porsche Park app joins a list of apps that Porsche has introduced to bring drivers a more seamless, digital and connected driving experience.

How does it work?

Once the Porsche Park app is opened in Apple CarPlay, Porsche drivers will be able to choose and navigate towards a Porsche Park partner car park of their choosing. They can also search for preferred parking locations by name and save their preferred selections for the next time they park.

When they arrive at the car park, the app will automatically detect their car at the car park’s entrance and display the best entry way on the driver’s console screen. By tapping the app, drivers can then raise the boom gate without needing to handle parking tickets.

While the driver is away from their car, the parking app will continue to monitor the parking event and send the driver information about the cost and duration of their parking via an app on their mobile phone.

Leaving is much the same as arriving, with drivers able to pay for their parking inside the app and again lift the boom gate with a simple touch. They’ll also receive a transaction summary of their parking stay once they leave the car park.

Where can it be used?

During the app roll out, all the Porsche Park partner car parks will be located in Melbourne only and be high-profile spots such as the Melbourne Arts Centre and Rialto tower. However, other car parks around Australia will be added in the second half of this year.

And what's sure to spark more than a little envy from other drivers is the fact that Porsche drivers will also have access to discounted parking rates and information about non-barrier car parks around the Melbourne CBD through the app.

“The goal is to offer our customers unique smart mobility experiences,” said Matthias Prilipp, product manager, Porsche Cars Australia.

“With Porsche Connect we have already launched a fully connected service offer as part of our digital ecosystem My Porsche. By adding services like Porsche Park via Apple CarPlay, we are now expanding the digital portfolio to include new service models and offer a more holistic Porsche experience,” he said.