Fetch TV releases the Fetch Mini 4K set-top-box with voice activated remote

Digital entertainment service Fetch TV has released the Fetch Mini 4K in Australia, a 4K-enabled set-top-box that includes a Bluetooth voice remote control and upgraded chipset and Wi-Fi. As well as voice activation, the company has packed a good deal more software into the device.

Some of the software features include; an integrated universal search function, a virtual playlist of channels and Fetch TV’s Meteorological Application platform - a cloud-based platform that allows subscribers to integrate apps like Vimeo, Plex, Acorn TV and Vevo into their Fetch service.

The release of the Mini 4K now means Fetch TV now has three set-top-boxes, with the Mini 4K joining the non 4K- enabled Fetch Mini and the Fetch Mighty, the company’s premium set-top-box that’s considerably larger and also 4K-enabled.

Credit: Fetch TV

Fetch TV says the Mini 4K has some technology upgrades over the Fetch Mini. They include, double the RAM (now 2GB), an upgraded Wi-Fi 6 for faster download speeds and improved streaming, and a faster Broadcom 712180 chipset to deliver the 4K video.

When it comes to its functionality for TV and video content, the Fetch Mini 4K ticks most of the same boxes as the Fetch Mini but with the addition of 4K. It won’t include the TV and remote recording functionality of the Fetch Mighty. Although, it will be AU$250 cheaper than the Mighty with a retail price of AU$199.

The Fetch Mini 4K is available now from selected retailers, including The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Bing Lee. It’s also available via Aussie Broadband