Apple Watch Series 4

RRP: $1,199 *

You have been thinking about investing in a smart watch for a while. All your friends have them, mid-conversation; they’d look at their watch (makes you feel that whatever you’ve been saying is a little too boring to hold their attention). But you soon realise that it’s not actually you, their smart watch has just vibrated to let them know of a call coming through or a new message on their social feed. Let’s beat them at their game with this new Apple Watch. It has a larger screen size, a bezel-free, edge-to-edge display and sound that is 50% louder. It also has a ‘walkie-talkie’ app which means you can speak hands-free. For those of you who like information, then the Infograph watch face will give you all you need to know about air quality, UV index, moon and solar systems. It also has a fall detection mechanism which allows for the phone to detect if its wearer falls and can automatically call emergency services or your emergency contact.

* This price is with the Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop

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