Dreampad Pillow

RRP: $299*

This intelligent pillow literally lulls you to sleep. If you’re a difficult sleeper or suffer from insomnia or stress, the Dreampad pillow will help sooth and relax you with its integrated micro inducers that plays music only you can hear through bone conduction. All you need to do is download the Dreampad app, which contains 10 different tracks, a mix between ambient sounds and gentle music, plug in your device and set a timer for when you want the music to stop. Although you can technically play your own music, the Dreampad tracks are designed to give you a good night’s sleep. It was designed as a soothing pillow for ADHD and children within the autism spectrum. Its world wide success saw the launch of an adult range, from soft to firm and memory support to choose from.
*This price is for the memory foam Dreampad pillow.

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