Lenovo X300 - The Macbook Killer?

  • The X300 comes equipped with a 13.3in WXGA+ display and has all the expected business features including a fingerprint reader, I/O port disablement and 32-bit password encryption. It is powered by Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo technology and comes with up to 4GB of RAM.

  • That isn’t to say it skimps on features however. Unlike some manufacturers of ultra-slim notebooks, Lenovo has packed in a DVD multi-burner optical drive to help ease storage woes. It has also elected to forgo a traditional hard drive in favour of a 64GB solid state drive, which is not only lighter and faster but much less prone to physical damage.

  • Thanks to the low power consumption of its internal components, the LED backlight and the switch to solid state storage, the X300 boasts an impressive maximum battery life of 10 hours. This also means it conforms to the EPA’s Energy Star 4.0 specifications for energy efficiency making it one of the most environmentally friendly PCs on the market.

  • Built from a combination of carbon-fibre and glass the X300’s chassis is rock solid meaning you can happily carry it abroad. It also has a built in roll cage to further reduce stress on the internal components.

  • Making a big splash in the ultraportable notebook category is Lenovo’s latest Thinkpad model the X300. Measuring 19mm at its thinnest point and weighing just 1.3 kilograms it is one of the smallest and lightest computing solutions on the market.

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