Intel 2Go PC

  • The laptop has a simple interface, and is encased in sturdy plastic to protect it from falls. As well as this, it features an integrated handle aimed at primary school students.

  • With a sub-$US400 price tag, the 2Go PC is designed primarily to be used by students, but has a full set of standard laptop features. The included battery should power it for three hours between charges.

  • The unit will go on sale in the US at the end of June, and should be released in other countries worldwide soon after.

  • The 2Go PC is reported to come in a variety of configurations, with specific vendors able to tailor it to customer requirements. The basic unit is built around the latest Intel Celeron low-power CPU, and features a nine-inch LCD and Wi-Fi.

  • Intel’s 2Go PC is another upcoming entrant to the market of ultra-budget laptops, aimed at the education sector.

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