The Eee PC exposed

We lift the lid to see what's inside

  • The next step is to remove the keyboard's cable, which can be done by pushing the little black clips that hold it in place; once loosened, the cable will slide out.

  • Here's what it looks like once it is off.

  • Here's a close-up of the CPU, which is based on Intel's 90nm-sized transistors.

  • The same must be done to the touchpad cable.

  • The underside of the lid has thermal pads that rest on the chipsets and the CPU.

  • And here's what the motherboard looks like. The Celeron CPU is in the middle, with the southbridge and northbridge chipsets either side of it. The metal lid acts as a heat sink for the chips, but there is also a small cooling fan underneath the motherboard.

  • Using a thin flat-head screwdriver, the little clips that hold the cover in place must be popped. There are clips all around the unit, which are relatively easy to manipulate.

  • Under the keyboard are the access screws that need to be removed before the top panel of the Eee PC can be popped off. Removing this screw will void the warranty.

  • To access the inside of the Eee PC, the first step is to pop the keyboard off the unit. Three little pins hold the keyboard in place; once they are pushed back, the keyboard will pop up easily.

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