The best GPS-based apps for Android

We take a look at some of the best GPS-based Android apps.

  • GPS was once merely a means to help navigate people through difficult terrain, erratic bushland and dodgy suburbs. However, the rise of smartphones has led to all sorts of novel applications for GPS technology. We take a look at the 10 best GPS-based apps for Android smartphones.


    Brightkite allows users to share photos or location notes to friends, or others within a certain area.

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  • [[xref:|Locale]]

    The Locale app lets you decide when and where your phone should use its ringtone. Based on conditions like battery power, location, date, or time, Locale can also change your handset's settings automatically. No more work meetings interrupted by a startlingly loud ring tone.

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  • [[xref:|CoPilotLive]]

    Recently awarded the 'Best GPS navigation app' at the Android Network Awards, CoPilotLive turns your phone into a fully fledged GPS unit with voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation.

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  • [[xref:|Glympse]]

    This app lets you to share your location in real-time — whether it is with friends, family or workmates. After selecting contacts you wish to send your 'Glympse' to, you can also select the period when they will be able to track your movements. Nifty.

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  • [[xref:|Where]]

    'Where' is quite the useful app for checking information like local petrol prices and reviews, or finding the closest place to grab a coffee.

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  • [[xref:|Sim Checker]]

    This app enables you to enter a phone number and email address to receive an alert if your phone is ever lost or stolen. If a different SIM is entered into your stolen Android phone, you will receive the location of the phone.

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  • [[xref:|Tweetabouts]]

    Whether you love it or loathe it, there is no denying that Twitter is huge. Enter Tweetabouts: an Android app that automatically sends your location to your Twitter account.

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  • [[xref:|Layar]]

    Layar is an augmented reality app that uses your Android camera, compass and GPS position to add info on your surroundings as you go.

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  • [[xref:|a2b]]

    Getting lost is no longer a problem after you download the a2b app. As its name implies, it's a handy way of getting from point A to point B.

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  • [[xref:|My Tracks]]

    My Tracks records your movements via GPS and offers you statistics such as time, distance, elevation and speed, as well as plot your movements on a map.

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