Best hi-tech car mods

A collection of the best hi-tech car mods and gadgets -- created by geeks and car enthusiasts alike

  • Car tech: A look at what people in tech world have installed in their cars, from the completely mind-boggling to the outrageously cool.

    Starting your car with your smartphone

    Viper SmartStart is a cool app and hardware combo that allows you to start your car, lock the doors and pop the boot through your smartphone. You'll obviously need to have a mobile data connection on your phone for this work. It's available for the [[artnid:355503|iPhone 4]], Blackberry and [[artnid:356389|Android]] platforms. More information can be found [[xref:|here]] or check out a [[xref:|Viper StartSmart demo]].

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Xbox mod

    This car has been fitted with an Xbox games console as well as two controllers, including one in the steering wheel. We are not sure how street legal this mod is but we would have love to see the controller replacing the steering wheel altogether!

    Image credit: [[xref:||]]
  • Star Wars Landspeeder

    We came across this car modded to resemble a landspeeder in our [[artnid:366714|Star Wars Gadgets slideshow|The coolest Star Wars gadgets]].

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Trash-powered car

    This [[xref:|blog|Convert your Honda Accord to run on trash]] teaches you how to be the ultimate greenie and mod your car to run on garbage.

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Porsche SMART car

    Remember those miniature cars that you would wind up to make them go? This mod to the popular SMART car reminds us of those, or perhaps it's just someone who has Photoshopped a real Porsche Boxster...

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Tank SMART car

    Once again, we are not sure about the legality of fitting your car with tank tracks but this would surely be a head-turner.

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Bluetooth voice commands

    There are certainly plenty of ways to utilise Bluetooth technology, with one of the best being voice commands. This car from Galpin Auto Sports allows you to manage all the functions of the car by speaking.

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Mobile cinema

    Built in the 1960s, the sole surviving mobile cinema truck has been fitted with 22 seats, a Blu-Ray player and a projector screen to watch anything you would like. Best of all, it's available for hire [[xref:|here|Vintage Mobile Cinema]] (sadly, it's based in the UK).

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Audi Wi-Fi hotspot

    The 2011 Audi A8 will be the first car in the world to have a factory-installed Wi-Fi hotspot. It works just like the [[artnid:360967|Vodafone Pocket Wifi modem]]: you insert a SIM card with data capabilities and pair with the hotspot via Bluetooth. It can connect up to eight devices at a maximum speed of up to 7.2Mbps.

    Image credit: [[xref:|]]
  • Google self-driving car

    This is not a picture of a self-driving car sadly; it's just one of Google's Street View cars. However, Google made headlines this year when it announced it was testing self-driving cars. The tech involved includes maps collected with the using the Google Maps Street View project along with video cameras, radar sensors and a laser finder.
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