Top tech Christmas gifts under $200

Go tech this Christmas and surprise your friends and loved ones with a new gadget or two

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    LogMeIn Ignition

    LogMeIn Ignition is a smart app choice for the tech-minded people in your life. This app allows users to access computers remotely from mobile devices and can be a great way to retrieve files while on the road. The app now also integrates Dropbox and Google Docs to make file sharing between devices even easier. It's currently on sale for $15.99 and you can gift it in iTunes, but it might be a little harder to buy for Android users.
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    Laser Digital radio

    Digital radio units are still relatively expensive. But there are plenty of models available for under $100. The [[artnid:395522|Laser DAB-DG200AM]] is one such model available from The Good Guys for $99. Not only can it play digital stations, it will also still receive analogue AM and FM signals, so you get the best of both worlds. It's not the best-built unit, but we think it's fine for a kitchen or garage.
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    WD My Book Live storage device

    The [[artnid:408609|My Book Live]] external hard drive is available in a capacity of 1TB, 2TB or 3TB and it's perfect for anyone who wants an easy-to-use network storage solution. Any files that are stored on this drive can then be easily accessed from any computer on the Internet, and even a smartphone. The 1TB version is $195 at JB Hi-Fi.
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    WOWee One

    For something a little different when it comes to portable audio, check out WOWee's Gel Audio speakers. The WOWee One is a tiny block of a speaker that transfers audio waves through any surface that it's parked on. It gives best results (we're talking booming bass here) when sat atop big, relatively thin-wood cabinets, but can work on virtually any hard surface as long as it's stable and doesn't have any nearby objects that can rattle and cause distortion. Get more info from the [[xref:|WOWee]] Web site.
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    Phone-controlled helicopter (iPhone and Android)

    This is a remote controlled helicopter. The remote control can be a phone (either an iPhone or an Android-based phone). Enough said. It's awesome and any guy will love it. You can get it from [[xref:|Jaycar]] for $80.
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    TEAC LPU190 vinyl ripper

    The TEAC LPU190 'Vinyl Revival' could be just what your old man or uncle needs to transfer all those dusty records into digital files. The beauty of it is that it doesn't even need a computer — it will record directly onto USB sticks and SD cards. It costs $149.
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    Belkin Conserve Insight

    Buy this product for that person in your life who wants to cut down on their energy bill but has no idea which of their devices use the most power. Or you could get if for that friend of yours who always leaves everything on all the time and doesn't care how much power is wasted. By plugging this in and seeing how much each device consumes, they will see the error of their ways. The Conserve Insight can be used to monitor the usage of common household electronic devices and appliances and it can even be used to calculate yearly running costs. Find it at Harvey Norman and other Belkin sellers.
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    Vheho wireless and Bluetooth speakers

    These compact and wireless speakers offer better sound than you might think and they are very convenient to use and simple to set up. The [[artnid:407258|Veho Mimi Qube Wifi speaker]] (left) allows any computer to transmit its sound wirelessly to a speaker in another room. It's a no-fuss product that's easy to install and use. It works reliably up to around 10m and we think it's a good gift for anyone who wants to stream music from their computer to another part of the house (such as the kitchen).

    The [[artnid:405238|Veho Portable Bluetooth speaker]] (right) is perfect for laptop and smartphone users and it sounds great considering its small size. You can get them from JB Hi-Fi.
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    Razer Battlefield 3 gear

    If you know someone who's a fan of Battlefield 3, why not give them some matching peripherals? [[xref:|Razer]] has a bunch of themed items, such as a mouse, a keyboard and even an iPohne 4 case, that should tickle the fancy of anyone addicted to the game.
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    Belkin and Veho portable chargers

    Anyone who has a smartphone knows how bad battery life can be after some heavy online usage. With a portable charger, users don't have to worry as much about battery life and can top up their phone while on the road. These work simply by plugging in to the USB socket of the phone. Of course, you have to remember to charge the portable chargers overnight before you leave, otherwise they won't be of any use. The Belkin (left) can be found in most consumer electronics stores, the Veho (right) is available from JB Hi-Fi.
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    Office Works photo books

    Digital picture frames are so 2007. Instead, photo books are a much better idea, especially if you're looking for a gift for family members and close friends (it doesn't really work too well with friends you have no photos of). There are many local services you can use, including one from [[artnid:|Office Works]], which is simple to use and it only takes a few days for your book to be produced, depending on its style.
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    Expressi coffee machine

    We all know that tech and coffee are an inseparable combination and for coffee lovers, the Expressi machine from Aldi is a great gift idea. It's only $79 and it relies on $5.99 coffee pods that are available in various flavours. Simple to use and produces great coffee!
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    Huawei IDEOS X3 smartphone

    Huawei makes some great entry-level smartphones that are perfect for users who have never used a smartpohne before. The [[artnid:408054|IDEOS X3]] has a nice design and it runs the 2.3 version of Android. Its screen isn't great, but considering its $99 price, it's great value.
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