New Windows 8 laptops and hybrid tablet devices

Here are some of the touch-enabled devices that you can expect to see running Windows 8 at the end of the year

  • When Windows 8 finally comes out in October, there will be many new types of notebooks on the market that will be able to take advantage of the new operating system's touch features. There will be plenty of notebook styles to choose from, and we're now starting to get a glimpse of what some of the manufacturers will be offering.


    ASUS is well known for its Android-based Transformer, which is a tablet that also comes with a keyboard base. The company will be releasing a similar product, called the Vivo Tab, which will run Windows 8. This will be a similar concept, with the screen pulling away from the base (as shown above). It's said to have an 11.6in IPS-based screen, an Intel Atom CPU, 64GB of solid state storage and NFC.
  • Dell

    Dell's XPS Duo 12 Ultrabook is perhaps the most innovative design of the Windows 8 breed that we've seen. Rather than slide or detach completely, a swivel has been implemented that allows the screen to flip and the notebook to turn into a tablet -- Dell has made a convertible tablet similar to this before: the Inspiron Duo. It will be a 12.5in device with at least a Full HD resolution.
  • HP

    HP has announced that its HP Envy x2 will be a hybrid device with a pull-out screen. It will be an 11.6in device with a weight of 1.4kg all up, and only 700g for the tablet on its own. The screen technology will be IPS and there will be cameras mounted on the front and the rear. The unit will feature solid state storage and Near Field Communications (NFC), which we first saw in the [[artnid:418604|HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook]].
  • An HP Touchsmart Ultrabook will also be available with a conventional fixed-hinge design, but with a touch-enabled LCD panel. This won't be usable as a tablet device.

  • Samsung

    Samsung will have a hybrid device that's reminiscent of the ASUS Transformer, which is currently on the market. When docked, the unit will look and feel like a laptop. When you want to use it as a tablet, simply pull the screen off the base.
  • Sony

    Sony has come up with a sliding concept for its VAIO Duo 11, which is an 11.6in Ultrabook that can be used either as a laptop or as a tablet. It has a tablet form factor, but it includes a slide-out keyboard for when you want to use it as a regular laptop. It will run a third-generation Intel Core CPU, it will support a pressure-sensitive digital pen and palm rejection, and it will weigh about 1.3kg. Built-in features will include NFC, HDMI, USB 3.0, Ethernet and even VGA, making it a target for business users who require all those ports.
  • Toshiba

    Similar to Sony, Toshiba will also release convertible tablet with a slide-out keyboard that will allow it to be used as a conventional laptop. It will run an Intel third generation Core CPU, have solid state storage and its display will be slightly larger than the norm at 12.5in. It will be an IPS-based display.
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