In pictures: iiNet's Budii ADSL2+ modem

Lovely packaging conceals an ADSL2+ modem package that's designed for many years of use

  • We don't often perform 'unboxing' articles about routers, but iiNet's Budii deserves one considering how much effort the ISP has put into the packaging and aesthetics of its latest offering. The Budii is an all-in-one modem-router that's designed to serve today's networking and Internet connectivity needs, in addition to being 'future-proof' thanks to some expansion options. The package we're unboxing here consists of the modem-router unit, a VoIP handset, a charging frame, and also an Android tablet. We'll bring you a full review of the package once we've had a comprehensive play around with it. A cool, Apple-inspired plastic sleeve wraps around the package, making it look very elegant.

  • The box is big because it houses three components, plus cabling, and it fans out to make the unboxing experience feel slightly special.

  • Once opened, you can see the modem-router on the right side, and the tablet, VoIP phone and charging frame on the left.

  • You have to lift the box on the left in order to get to the cables, and the package contains everything you will need for the initial setup: power adapters and cables, an Ethernet cable, two phone cables, a micro USB cable (for the VoIP phone) and an ADSL line filter.

  • Here are all the cool bits as they sit unpacked. You have the 7in Android tablet on the left, the VoIP phone in the centre, the charging frame (which is a conventional photo frame that can double as a charger for the handset and tablet), the user manual at the bottom, and the actual modem-router unit on the right.

  • It's a comprehensive ADSL2+ modem-router, featuring dual-band Wi-Fi in addition to a seven-port Gigabit Ethernet switch on the back. You can see it also has inputs for your conventional phones, and, in what we think is a very cool feature, it also has a 3.5mm stereo output port. You can attach this router directly to your stereo and listen to streaming Internet radio stations.

  • The modem-router is NBN-ready, and it also has provision for expansion. A USB port resides inside the unit, allowing extra features to be added, such as comprehensive parental filters, for example. A femtocell module can also be installed, which will allow the router to boost a mobile phone signal in a home where reception might be poor.

  • Here's the router with the tablet and VoIP handset hanging off it. It's not just for cool storage either.

  • There is a charging interface at the top of the unit. This makes it easy to charge the handset and Android tablet without having to mess with any cables.

  • The picture frame (yes, it really is a picture frame) can be used as a charger, too, and allows you to charge your devices in any room you want, away from the router.

  • A bracket is supplied, which allows the router to be wall-mounted, should you not want it to just sit conventionally on a table.

  • iiNet has put a lot of work into making this product easy to set up and use. The device gets pre-loaded with your login and VoIP details when you order it, but if you want to set it up manually, the thick, but easy-to-follow, user guide will come in handy.

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