More sights from Computex 2013

Part two of our photo series from the Nanggang hall at Computex

  • As we made our way through the exhibits at Nanggang, we came across Acer's new R7 tablet-convertible laptop.

  • The screen is mounted on a central hinge that has two swinging points on it, allowing the screen to open up normally, and then to tilt over into a tablet position.

  • It has an unconventional design as far as the placement of its touchpad is concerned, which Acer says provides a better touchscreen experience by bringing the screen closer to the keyboard.

  • There's nothing conventional about this tablet-convertible laptop.

  • The process to convert from a laptop to a tablet and back was not as smooth as we would have hoped and two hands were needed for all the steps invovled.

  • When used as a tablet, the screen doesn't sit flat over the base, but instead leans forward a little due to the buldging hinge.

  • Here's a view with the lid closed.

  • ASRock had a very intersting stand at the show, highlighting the performance and capabilities of its motherboards.

  • There also wasn't a shortage of liquid nitrogen in its stand. We weren't able to hang around for the overclocking demonstration though.

  • It's hard to tell from this picture, but this motherboard has water dripping all over it as it runs.

  • Of course, it does come with a warning.

  • If you think your PC is hardcore, this ASRock board uses an LSI SAS3 controller that supports 16 SATA drives. Coupled with the six SATA ports already supported by the motherboard's chipset, it's able to run 22 SSDs in a RAID 0 array. As if that wasn't enough, it also runs a fourth generation Intel Core i7-4770K CPU, 32GB of RAM and has four 3GB Radeon HD7950 graphics cards installed in a CrossFire X configuration. There are two power supplies: a 1200W main supply, and a secondary 1000W supply.

  • Here's the lovely array of solid state storage.

  • It's hard to see them clearly, but here are all the SATA ports.

  • Coolermaster was a little more modest, showing off some of its latest liquid coolers.

  • As well as some of its iPad stands.

  • Here is Biostar's wall of motherboards.

  • This was a very cool display for a scanning system. The train would run around the track and its carriages would set of all the scanners as it went past them.

  • Some mobile products showing they can withstand a waterfall.

  • WD was out looking for attention at the show, and it definitely got it with this speedy display.

  • Seagate wasn't the only vendor to release a 5mm thick hard drive for tablets and Ultrabooks. WD also showed off its Ultrathin laptop drive, which has a spin speed of 5400rpm and a capacity of 500GB, but its SATA interface isn't standard.

  • Here are some cool cases from Venuz.

  • ASUS had one of the best stands at the show in terms of products. It showed off everything from laptops to tablets to PC components. Here we are holding the Memo Pad, which is a 7in Android 4.2 tablet with a quad-core MT8125 CPU.

  • A thin view of the Memo Pad.

  • The Memo Pad showing off its system info on its 1280x800-pixel screen.

  • The colours that are available.

  • This is the ASUS VivoPC and VivoMouse. Both look very stylish. The PC has only basic specs, but it comes with built-in speakers.

  • This little thing behind glass is the ASUS Fonepad Note. It has a Full HD screen and it runs an Intel Atom Z2560 processor with the Android 4.2 operating system.

  • Here are the Fonepad Note's listed specs.

  • This llittle thing is the ASUS Memo Pad FHD10 LTE, which is a 10.1in tablet with a 1920x1200-pixel screen. It runs Android 4.2 on a Qualcomm 8064 Pro quad-core CPU.

  • A thin view of the Memo Pad FHD10.

  • We moved on to some of the laptops. This one is the ASUS X Series X550CC, which is an attractive 15.6in model that's available with anything from a Celeron CPU all the way up to a Core i7.

  • The Taichi 31 was also on display. This is the 13.3in model in the Taichi line up, offering up two Full HD displays with an overall stated weight of 1.55kg.

  • This is the ASUS Pro Essential PU401 business laptop. We think it looks pretty good. It's a 14in model with a 1.77kg weight.

  • ASUS' new Sabertooth Z87 motherboard has "armour" on it. ASUS displayed a couple of boards that had different "armour" on them designed by users.

  • We think this is pretty cool, especially the inclusion of the 1990s-looking CPU cooler.

  • There's a motherboard under there somewhere.

  • To demonstrate how tough its new motherboards are, ASUS shows how much weight a beefy cooler and graphics card can put on the board.

  • And used a dumbell to show that the boards could take the weight thanks to some backplate reinforcement.

  • Here's the Sabertooth in action with its standard armour.

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