In Pictures: The 6 craziest ideas for the iPhone 6

If you see anybody trying to pass off these 'prototypes' as real, don’t take them seriously

  • The 6 craziest ideas for the iPhone 6 As we approach Apple's WWDC event, which starts June 2, the iPhone 6 rumor mill-- already humming along nicely -- is kicking into overdrive. You’ll hear all kinds of scuttlebutt about what the new smartphone is going to feature, and you'll see all manner of "prototypes," all of which are either designers offering up their own ideas or just really bad Photoshop jobs being passed off as real. Nearly all of them are riffs on one of these six themes.

  • It'll be 3D-printable This rumor is quite the geek nexus. 3D printing is hot. The iPhone 6 is hot. A 3D-printed iPhone 6? Blazing hot! But let's just say we're not expecting it to be true.

  • Curved screen Allegedly "serious" curved designs have been propagating like weeds ever since the curved-screen Samsung Galaxy came out (well, in South Korea, anyhow). Some are curved along the horizontal axis. Some are curved along the vertical axis. Some are curved to be convex instead of concave. (Why? Because ... well, because!). All can be made by skewing an image in Photoshop.

  • Wraparound display It looks all neat and futuristic, doesn't it? It also looks pretty pointless. And with all those icons and such on the sides, there wouldn’t be any problems with users accidentally opening apps just by holding the phone, would there? Nah, I'm sure it'd work just great.

  • Multiple sizes The most American way to improve something is to make it bigger. The iPhone is no exception, clearly, so look for Apple to roll out iPhone 6s sized Wee, Not-So-Wee, and Frickin' Huge sometime in the month of Neveruary.

  • Clear iPhones Frankly, it's amazing anybody ever took this notion seriously, but they sure did. Go ahead and Google around -- you’ll find plenty of sites showing pictures like these as actual iPhone prototypes. Because you can not only make the screen clear, you can make all the innards clear as well. Not just clear, either -- completely invisible. Apple definitely has that technology: It developed it while working on Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

  • t'll be jaw-droppingly expensive OK, so this one isn't crazy so much as it is exaggerated. After all, the iPhone was pretty pricey when it debuted, but $1,285 pricey? Not even Apple would go that far -- or would it?

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