Ford Everest Trend in its natural habitat

The big SUV looks great in Wine Country

  • Unsealed roads in NSW Wine Country. A perfect travelling companion.

  • We didn't use the pedals much thanks to Radar Assisted cruise control. We just nudged the target speed up and down with switches on the steering wheel.

  • Mud on the reversing camera. All good.

  • Big wheels and high clearance make obstacles into speed bumps.

  • The Everest can easily scale slopes like this...

  • ... However, this slope got proper steep and we lost our nerve what with being in the middle of nowhere and not having 4WD.

  • Audrey Wilkinson's magnificent view from the carpark.

  • Hunter Valley, NSW.

  • Looking down on vinyards (and coal mines).

  • There are plenty of settings for the lights.

  • This configuration did not work well. Put the kids' seats on the rear row as it's tricky for adults to climb into.

  • Small children like the back row - a lot.

  • There's plenty of room for three in the back.

  • Collision detection doing its thing with a low wall and a high ride height.

  • We were averaging around 9l/100KM fuel economy and we weren't holding back. There's an 80l fuel tank.

  • It's big, and yet compact. There are no sloped or flared arches or bumpers so you know where every corner is.

  • High and mighty but not wide and girthy.

  • Two extra pull-up seats in the rear. Put everything down and you've over 1000l of space in the back.

  • Plug sockets! And rear air con.

  • The all-important specs for the sockets.

  • Trying to search for things with the GPS was... trying. Labelling isn't a patch on Google Maps.

  • The six-speed automatic gear box is more comfortable out of the cities than in low revs in town. We didn't feel the need to use the manual shifting.

  • Natural habitat... dirt roads and bush.

  • On the oblique.

  • Watch out roos.

  • Rear view.

  • We (well the kids) loved the runner boards along the sides.

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