MWC 2019: Oppo says it will embrace wireless charging when it 'realises perfection'

Oppo joined the Wireless Power Consortium in January but the Chinese company are still remaining quiet about when or if they'll start offering wireless charging to customers.

Speaking at the company's Mobile World Congress Innovation event, Oppo product manager Chuck Wang agreed that wireless charging was a big market trend before revealing "we are working on it already."

Wang says that "because wireless charging has to consider the mechanical design of the smartphone as well as the power efficiency of the device [and] in order to provide better user experiences, we [have] to make a lot of optimizations just like what we have done with the 10x lossless zoom technology."

"We are trying to get it near perfection. When we realize that we will be ready to provide this technology to our friends from media outlets and to realise mass production."

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Given Oppo's eagerness to embrace high-end features like in-screen fingerprint sensors (found in the R17 Pro) and 3D face unlock (found in the Find X), hopefully this is humble goal of "perfection" is achieved sooner rather than later.

At this stage, Oppo is one of only a few major smartphones brands out there that don't offer wireless charging and if they don't catch up to the other options soon they could potentially lose ground to the competition over it.