Oppo show off a smartphone camera that's seamlessly integrated into the display

Oppo's official Twitter handle has tweeted out a video teasing their next technical innovation.

"For those seeking the perfect, notchless smartphone screen experience – prepare to be amazed. You are taking a very first look at our under-display selfie camera technology," the tweet says.

The video that follows showcases a smartphone prototype where the front-facing camera has been embedded underneath the screen, side-stepping the need for a notch or pop-up camera like that found in the new Oppo Reno series.

Oppo isn't the only or even the first smartphone manufacturer to broach the idea of an in-display camera. Back at last year's 2018 Samsung OLED Forum, Samsung talked up their own 'under-display camera' tech.

As it stands, the notches and cutouts that have become popular amongst modern smartphones in recent years have all fundamentally compromises. Some of been good compromises. Some have been less so.

The reality is that most manufacturers and consumers are keen on getting to the place where having to choose between a full-sized display and a good selfie camera or 3D face-unlock isn't a thing anymore. And if the technology that makes that leap forward possible comes from Oppo first, that bodes well for it becoming something that even non-flagship smartphone buyers can expect from their next device.