Woolworths have one of the best Galaxy Fold 2 preorder deals in Australia



Samsung's second-generation flagship foldable smartphone doesn't come cheap but you can save some cash if you preorder it through Woolworths Mobile.

In our first look at the Galaxy Fold 2, reviewer Henry Burrell said that "Yes, it’s shockingly dear, but the improvement over the first generation is notable."

"The foldable future of phones has taken a few different forms from several manufacturers, Samsung included, but Samsung’s marketing might will probably mean this version will prevail. It’s a phone and a tablet in one, which is still amazing. But foldables are still in their infancy, and the price matches the Z Fold 2’s lofty ambitions."

In Australia, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G is coming to all three major telcos (Vodafone, Optus and Telstra) at a recommended retail price of AU$2999. The device is also coming to Woolworths Mobile.

What's more, should you choose to preorder it through Woolies' house-brand NVMO, you'll actually save money in the long run. If you opt for a 24-month plan, you'll save around AU$10.41/month. If you go for a 36-month plan instead, you'll save around AU$6.49/month.

Either way, Woolworths are knocking AU$250 off the total price of the handset and tossing in a free set of Galaxy Buds Live.

You can check out the widgets below for the rundown on Woolworths Mobile plans for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G:

Woolworths Mobile - Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G 24-month plans

Woolworths Mobile - Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G 36-month plans