Canon’s Pixma Endurance has a new name

Pixma MegaTank

Pixma MegaTank

Canon Australia has rebranded its popular range of continuous ink supply system (CISS) printers to Pixma MegaTank helping Australian families, professionals, and small business owners better understand the benefits of the range.

The Pixma MegaTank branding replaces the 10 current Pixma Endurance branded CISS Home Office. The MegaTank brand better aligns with the capabilities of Canon’s CISS solutions for small businesses and consumers.

MegaTank products can achieve ink cost savings of up to 95 per cent on typical A4 prints, according to Canon, while one set of Canon CISS ink bottles can carry a yield of more than 30 standard ink cartridges compared to existing standard home printers. This is due to black MegaTank CISS ink bottles generating up to 6000 pages, while colour ink bottles can generate up to 7000 pages.   

Canon Australia’s MegaTank rebrand comes at a time when hybrid working and learning have become the new norm. In 2020, Canon Australia’s overall demand for home printers increased by 39 per cent, with Canon’s CISS range growing by 159 per cent year on year, the company said. This made CISS the fastest growing segment in the company’s consumer print category, according to a  Canon Australia sales report.

Credit: Canon

Canon Australia senior product manager, Brendan Maher, said the spike in home printer sales could be attributed to many Australian families and professionals buying home office supplies to function from home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“2020 saw a resurgence in the value of home printers across the nation as Australians embraced working, learning, and creating from home,” he said. “A year later, home offices are no longer considered temporary fixtures in the Australian business landscape, and Australian families and professionals are realising they need more reliable technology products than the stop-gap solutions they purchased last year to simply get through.

“In 2021, Australians are no longer in pure survival mode, and are looking to invest in office solutions that are both financially and environmentally sustainable. Canon’s MegaTank range is built to meet this exact demand.” 

Reduced running costs

The refillable design of Canon’s MegaTank range enables remote workers and small business owners to operate on much lower costs per print while achieving less business downtime.

Canon supplied the following calculations to emphasise the saving the new printer can offer by comparing the cost of ink per page between a standard-capacity ink cartridge set and refillable MegaTank CISS ink bottles: “Applying the current RRP of the inks, a standard-capacity cartridge set can be calculated to be $0.36 per page or $181 per standard ream of paper (500 pages) using Pixma Home TS3460 and the print yields of each ink calculated in accordance with the International Standards. “Comparatively, the cost of ink for a MegaTank CISS printer can be calculated as $0.01 per page, or $7.85 per standard ream of paper (500 pages) using the PIXMA G3600 MegaTank.“

Pixma MegaTankCredit: Canon
Pixma MegaTank

Each MegaTank printer also comes with a full set of refillable ink bottles in the box with the potential to last for months to years, reducing the number of traditional monthly or quarterly trips to office supply stores to purchase replacement ink cartridges and the associated expenditure. 

Reducing environmental impacts

Guided by its global environmental vision, Action for Green, Canon constantly works to reduce global environmental impact. In Australia, the company reduces the impact of its sales, marketing, and logistics activities by increasing the use of renewable energy, reusing products and parts where possible, and actively promoting national product stewardship and recycling programs. 

Canon claimed that as one set of ink bottles from the MegaTank range yields more than 30 standard ink cartridge sets, it has been able to reduce single-use plastics in the supply chain. 

Canon Australia is also a long-term partner of environmental organisations such as Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) and Close The Loop, working to ensure it plays its part in minimising waste and working towards a circular economy. 

The PIXMA MegaTank CISS home office printer range of 10 models is available from leading retailers including Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Big W, Amazon, Kogan, JB Hi-Fi, Domain, Joyce Mayne retailers. RRP: Starts at $419.00.

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