In Pictures: Google’s new Nexus 7

Google’s update to last year’s well-received Nexus 7 a step forward, though asking price slightly higher.

  • Nexus 7, too Google Android boss Sundar Pichai today announced a wide-ranging upgrade of the Nexus 7 tablet, bringing a new design, boosted hardware and a 1080p screen to the table in exchange for a moderately elevated starting price of $230. Here’s a look inside.

  • New screen Where last year’s original Nexus 7 had a screen resolution of 1280x800, the upgrade boasts a full 1080p – actually 1920x1200, though on-buttons presumably take up a little space – display, giving it an impressive 323 ppi pixel density.

  • New processor The new Nexus 7 packs a muscular Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, giving it substantially more horsepower than last year’s model, which ran a Tegra-based SoC.

  • New RAM Hey, 2GB is better than 1GB – let’s just hope it’s not the same type of RAM that some blame for a widespread slowdown issue with first-generation Nexus 7s.

  • Wireless charging The new Nexus 7 can use the Qi wireless charging system – though it doesn’t look like it’ll ship with the wireless charger itself.

  • Thinner and lighter The new model, while very slightly taller than the predecessor Nexus 7, is thinner by almost 2mm, narrower by 6mm, and weighs fully 50g less.

  • A rear camera The original Nexus 7’s omission of a rear-mounted camera was much-discussed at its release, but the new model falls into line by including a 5MP shooter on the back.

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