Crucial and Ballistix products at Computex 2017

There might not have been much, but it will likely sell well

  • Crucial was very straightforward with what it launched at Computex. There was one new mid-range SSD and a new variant of RAM - LED RAM!

    The SSD is the follow-up for last year's MX300 - the value-grade BX300. It's the first Crucial SSD to use 3D NAND.

  • It's expected in July/August but no price is given yet. However, we were told it will likely reflect the difference between the older MX/BX200 series.

    We were also told that the NVMe drive that we saw last year was put on the backburner. Crucial is making NVMe drives, but for Enterprise servers instead (enterprise SSDs are not optimised for consumer workloads, if that' what you were thinking).

  • Guess what's new about the new Ballistix RAM? Yep, it now got LEDs.

    We were also told that Crucial's mainstream RAM will now go up to a speedy 2666MHz.

  • What makes Ballistix's new LED RAM different is the removable diffuser.

  • You can also 3D print new diffusers to mod your PC. Late July launch. No price yet.

  • New boxes for existing RAM were also on display.

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