End of financial year roundup: LCD monitors for the office

Now's the time to upgrade: grab a new LCD monitor before the end of financial year

  • [[artnid:318389|Dell G2210]]

    Price: $349

    The Dell G2210 is a 22in monitor that suits people who want a low-cost but solid display with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Dell claims the display is manufactured using recycled materials, and that its cabling is free of PVC and other harmful chemicals. You can purchase the G2210 [[xref:|directly from Dell]].
  • [[artnid:307680|Samsung Syncmaster 2243BWX]]

    Price: $278.52 (Save: $170.48)

    Another sturdy and reliable option from Samsung, the Syncmaster 2243BWX is a 22in LCD monitor that is straightforward and gets the job done at a reasonable price. It packs a matte screen that office-dwellers will appreciate and also possesses sharp image quality. You can purchase it from [[xref|online retailer OTA]] for just $278.52, saving you over $178!
  • [[artnid:311237|ViewSonic VX1962wm]]

    Price:$250.95 (Save: $8.05

    The ViewSonic VX1962wm is a cheap but by no means underperforming LCD monitor. This 19in monitor has a resolution of 1680x1050 (which is normally reserved for 22in displays). The VX1962wm also has two small stereo speakers and has a stylish feel for those who want to impress others in the workplace. Though you only save $8.05 off the RRP at [[xref:|Computertek]], this is still an excellent deal.
  • It's that time again: the end of the financial year! Are you desperately in need of a new LCD monitor at work? Been trying to convince your boss to get you a new one to improve your productivity? Now is the time to pick up some cheap deals on some great LCD monitors that are perfect for the office. We've rounded up some of the latest LCD monitors that offer great features despite their low prices.

    [[artnid:277789|Samsung Syncmaster 943BW]]

    Price: $179 (Save: $170)

    Samsung's sleek 19in Syncmaster 943BW LCD monitor is a great addition to the office. It features a matte screen for easy viewing in office lighting as well an excellent design that allows the monitor to be tilted, pivoted and rotated. It also offers excellent colour. Normally retailing for $349, you can pick it up from [[xref:|TopBuy]] for just $179, a saving of $170!
  • [[artnid:346480|HP Compaq LA2205wg]]

    Price: $499 (Save: $182)

    The HP Compaq LA2205wg is a 22in LCD monitor that has fairly standard features but an attractive design. Brushed aluminium highlights give it a stylish look and the monitor can be tilted and twisted to suit your viewing needs. Lastly, it has a matte screen so the glare of the fluorescent office lights won't be an issue. [[xref:|City Software]] will sell you the Compaq LA2205wg for just $317, a saving of $182!

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